Convert Jar To EXE, Executable File

9) JarToExe

JarToExe is a platform independent tool for wrapping Java applications distributed as jars in light-weight native windows executables. The executable can be configured to search for a exact JRE version or use a bundled one, and it's possible to set runtime settings, like the initial/max heap size. The wrapper also provides higher user experience through an application icon, a native pre-JRE splash screen, a custom process name.

Main features:

  • JarToExe Can generate "Console", "Windows GUI", "Windows Service" three types of exe files.
  • JarToExe generated exe files can add program icons and version information.
  • JarToExe generated exe files can encrypt and protect java programs, there is no temporary files will be generated when program runs.
  • JarToExe generated exe files provide system tray icon support.
  • JarToExe generated exe files provide record system event log support.
  • JarToExe generated windows service exe files are able to install/uninstall itself, and support service pause/continue.
  • JarToExe have a new release of x64 version, can create 64 bits executives. (May 18, 2008)
  • Both the wizard mode and command line mode supported. (May 18, 2008)


10) JexePack

What JexePack is: JexePack is a command line wrapper tool (works as a automated scripting) that allows you to package your Java application (class files), optionally along with its resources (such as GIF/JPG/TXT/etc), into a single compressed 32-bit native Windows EXE, which runs using Sun's Java Runtime Environment. Both windowed and console applications are supported..

11) NativeJ

NativeJ is an powerful independent Java EXE creator. The executable are generated by NativeJ is uniquely customized to launch your Java application under Windows based machines. NativeJ is not a compiler! It have the following benefits:

  • It have custom icon. Each exe is uniquely represented by a custom icon, just like native apps.
  • It have native behavior. When a user double clicks on the EXE to run your application, there would not be any annoying console window popping up briefly..
  • It have faster startup. Executing a batch file contains a great deal of overhead includes, starting the command processor and parsing the batch file. The native EXE loads the JVM directly, resulting in snappier program startup.
  • It have native splash screen. It allows you to display a splash screen of your choice immediately upon startup while your application loads.
  • It have unique process name. When viewed in the task list, the user sees tomcat.exe, or jedit.exe, instead of the nondescript java.exe, or javaw.exe. It is very important for personal firewall programs, which are depends on unique process names to trigger the appropriate filter rules.
  • It will install as service. NativeJ is able to produce executables that can be installed as a Win32 service natively, with the ability to specify dependencies.

If you can write a batch file, you can use NativeJ! Use the project wizard to create a custom executable that works just for your application. No need to write custom JNI code, or wrestle with a C compiler. Just click-and-go! It's that easy!

12) JNC

JNC is a Java to native compiler. It allows you, Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation of your Java applications. With using JNC, you can create real standalone native windows binaries (.exe) which will no longer depend on a JRE.
JNC especially useful when applications have to be deployed to end-users. All the problems relating to the deployment of Java applications can be solved by compiling them to native. They will be:
  • Easy to deploy
  • No JRE dependency. Most of the end-users don't know what they have installed
  • Anymore no problems on how to create an executable file out of a JAR or class file.
  • Hard to decompile
  • Java can easily be decompiled. Native compilation technique will protect your source code.
  • Run fast from the start
  • No more overhead for loading a Java Runtime Environment.

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