How to Create A Perfect Java Developer Resume

Java development is a pretty busy market right now and many people are competing to get jobs in this industry. It will only get more competitive as the time goes by and more and more Java developers arrive. But what if you want a job?

Well, in such a competitive market, you should have a good resume to keep you on the top of all piles and help you get the job.

Here is how to write the best resume for Java Development. 

Create a good format

You can opt for either the chronological or reverse chronological format for your sections. However, people with long work history should pick only their best achievements and people who have just finished school should focus on doing some Java projects before applying so that they have something to add to their experience.

Objective or summary

When you don’t have much experience, your main goal is to create a career objective that your recruiters can find appealing. For instance - Skilled and well-organized Java developer with a high GPA of 3.9 and a passion for helping (company name) by coming up with game-changing solutions.

When you already have plenty of experience, it’s wiser to create a career summary. So, this would be a short description of your career and what you have achieved in the past. Make sure that your biggest achievements stand out the most. List something about your personality as well.

Work history

This is the most important part of your resume. Recruiters will mostly look at this because this speaks volumes. If you were able to bring any sort of value for another company, then you can do the same for them as well. So, make sure you put an extra emphasis on this area. Many people believe that they have to start with either their most recent or their first job but this is not true. You can start with any job you want, especially if you have a long work history. For example, if one job stands out because you lead the team that achieved stellar results. On the other hand, if you are just out of school, you should emphasize other areas of your resume or make sure to include any side projects that involved Java development like freelance work, school projects and so on.

Make sure that you present the real results that you have achieved on the job. Recruiters already know what your job was. However, what they don’t know is how you performed on that specific job. Let them know. Numbers always paint a good picture.


When it comes to skills, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to the job ad. Most employers will look for those exact keywords. So, you should probably use words and phrases like: design and analytics, performance, produces deliverables and so on. These will help you grab attention but you should always check the job ad to get more specific with your resume.

Writing style

Even though you are not applying for a literary position, good writing is still essential. Your sentences need to be perfect when it comes to grammar and spelling at least. You should also have some style. Just because you are a developer, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to show rich communication skills. This way, you are showing off a colorful and smart personality. Here are some tips on writing the perfect Java developer resume:

  • Resumention is a resume service which can create your resume for you and make it look awesome for the recruiters.

  • Via Writing and WritingPopulist are grammar resources that will help you keep your sentences accurate.

  • Big Assignments and Essayroo are online proofreading tools praised by AustralianReviewer.

  • Simplegrad and StateOfWriting are helpful blogs with useful suggestions on business writing and resume writing.

  • Boomesssays and Academized are editing tools recommended in Academized review.

  • My Writing Way and LetsGoAndLearn are career guides that will help you get an overall idea what to look for in a job.


This is another important section but in might also get overlooked – especially for people with a long work history. For beginners, this is a great space to brag about their knowledge and expertise on the subjects. 

See? Writing a resume isn’t such a huge issue. It can seem a bit crazy when you first start and have no idea where to begin or what to say but as you go on, you will see that it’s really simple and that you can create it with ease. Follow these tips to make sure that you get that java developer job.

Grace Carter is a content manager at Economic Essay Help service. She writes about education, finance and tech.

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