Tips to Hire Java Developers for Building High-Performance Java Applications

Despite having a bunch of java application development companies, it is still a complex task when it comes to hiring the best java developers. Java language was designed with a notion of object-oriented programming to improve on the mistakes of the other prevalent languages such as C or C++. Attached with the powerful Java Virtual Machine, the language itself is a great platform to build web applications. Usually, it is the Java developers who are transforming the project by tackling the challenges and giving new life to the business requirements and user expectations. So, when you want to build an application, there are few points which should be kept in mind before hiring the java programmer who contemplates your budget and timeline.

#1 List out your App Requirements

This can be considered as the very basic thing when it comes to hiring. Prior to hiring, define your application requirement based on your organization’s objectives along with the product solution to address those objectives according to the customer requirements. You can map out a few considerations like the objective of the app, how it will address the user requirement, long-term vision, additional features, monetization model and so on. Once you are done with your needs of the project, you can move ahead to consider the technical requirements of the project and the dependencies so that it helps you to hire the dedicated java programmers according to your critical needs.

#2 Map out the Category of your Java project

Not every java app development project needs the same technical requirements hence it becomes an essential part of mapping out the category of your java app development project. Here, there are a few categories to define your app requirements.

  • Custom Java App Development - Go by hiring a senior java developer with experience in creating enterprise applications.

  • Java App Upgradation and Migration - Choose certified Java programmers who have the skills of the latest version of tools and frameworks so they can advise on migration preparedness.

  • Java Games Development - A senior java app developers with the extensive skills of Meta and ScreenKit can be helpful in such a project.

  • Java Maintenance and Support - Look out for developers who have ultimate knowledge of product maintenance and support.

  • Java Web Development - Hire full-stack Java web developers with experience in building easy to use web applications.

#3 Ability to leverage variant Java Frameworks and Specialization in Industry Verticals

The Java programming language is popularly used for web and mobile app development. With the help of variant java frameworks and tools, it makes it possible for this programming language to achieve what level it wants to have. Few of the popular Java frameworks are JSF, Strut, Grails, Play, Spring, Maven and many more. Choose the developer who has a knowledge of a specific framework which you want to implement in your project. For a mobile or web app development, always make sure that the person has high skills in designing, developing and integrating on the Java technologies.

If you are in need of a precise java team as per your specific business needs, then you must go for hiring the professional java app developers with a specialization in your industry. This can be considered as the best way to avail highly optimized java programming solutions. Java is widely recognized across the globe for building secure and reliable applications for various industry sectors like Healthcare, Retail and E-commerce, Hospitality, Banking and Finance, Education and many more. For such multiple sectors, it is highly recommended to hire a reliable java development company that provides result-driven and industry-specific java development services.

#4 Choose the correct Methodology to Improve Productivity

The present business environments are becoming dynamic and so agile methodologies are based on feedbacks and iterative processes. To reduce the risk and cover the release of every new functionality, the method stress upon real-time and seamless communication over written documents. Few other software development methodologies such as Crystal Methods Methodology is fully focused on techniques, tools, and standards whereas dynamic system development methodology depends on a few basic 9 key principles.

#5 Try to Establish a High Standard

One should simply not hire a team instead of look for the developers with whom you want to work. For that, you will need to take an interview of every Java app developer to make sure he fits in your needs. Select a few parameters such as development skills by having a deep knowledge of MVC, JDBC, and RESTful, OOPS and OODS with some design patterns. Also, the person should possess the knowledge of java tools in hibernate, Seam, Android Studio, GradleMaps Store, ORMLite, Corona SDK and WEld. You can also check for a few additional skills of EventBus, EJB, Android NDK, and CachingTouch. Also, look for some key strength expertise in Wire-frames, UI design, Concept design, and APIs.

Hence, we have defined a few parameters above to hire the best Java programmer for your suitable java projects. To boost this, you can further check out their Java app development project samples to determine their efficiency in creating the project be it for national or international clients. Keep Learning!

Author Bio:

Olivia Diaz is working at, a React Native Development company along with mobile application development. Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets.

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