Which are the Important Python Frameworks for Developers in Future?

Python is arguably the simplest multi-purpose OOP language popularly used by software and web application developers across the world. It enables minimal coding development and seamless integration with other programming language and tools, making it a favorite for many developers.

Why is Vue.js So Popular for Building Powerful Native Apps?

While there are too many great JavaScript frameworks powering millions of websites and native apps, the most popular ones make regular rounds in the majority of discussions. After the phenomenal popularity of Angular, React, and a few others, the promising new kid among them, is the Vue.js. While the new technologies keep coming, some stand out simply because of their ease of use, scalability and a lot of elements that make the job of developers easier.

Vue.js for past several years gained tremendous popularity for building robust native apps perfect in user experience. Vue.js coupled up with React Native also gave birth to a native development script called Vue Native. Together they make the best solutions for building both cross-platform, web and native apps across the niches.

Spot the Difference between Scrum Master and Project Manager

Implementation often presents a stiff challenge for organizations especially when they are new to Agile and Scrum. One wrong move can end up committing some fatal blunders. One of the most common and overlooked problems is the lack of clarity especially in the roles of the Scrum Master and the project manager.

A Good Fit for the Internet of things (IoT): JavaScript

Love it or hate it but JavaScript is a popular programming language for many developers because it is quick and easy to learn. Plus if you are a web developer then it is mandatory to have a working knowledge of JavaScript. JavaScript emerged as the programming language to create web pages which is similar to the syntax similar to C but it also played a major role in commercial software development. The JavaScript Standard Object Notation has changed data interchange format as a strict subset of JavaScript. JavaScript is broadly used in web pages, web servers, mobile apps, and IoT systems.

Technology Trends Businesses Must Consider

Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, the blockchain, fog computing, and their combinations are some of the main trends that will impact the way companies improve their processes, their arrival on the market and the experience of their users.

No one doubt that technologies are evolving and being adopted at an amazing speed. Many of them emerged in recent years and have already gained different applications and representation in innumerable segments of the industry. Therefore, we cannot stop looking at the evolution and the impacts that each of them will have on our businesses and sectors. These technologies enhance the daily activities of businesses. To facilitate this analysis, we review five technological trends that companies should consider their applications.

A Quick guide of Google’s v8 JavaScript Engine

Among the engineers, JavaScript has a reputation of being the terrible language. It is thought of as boorish, inexactly composed and tormented with many cross-program issues. Jumping off ten years later, in 2004, Google launched another application: Google Maps. JavaScript developers have a distinct advantage as the programs are stalled away at such a code which is furrowed away from JavaScript engine.

There are numerous pages and bits which are committed to the clarification and depiction of the JavaScript engines. So, we would like to take a leap on the shiniest toy in the present era of engines, V8. A couple of steps are required to proceed with the JavaScript engines. These engines begin with the lexical analysis which breaks the code into the tokens to distinguish their effect. The tokens are further examined by a parser and obtained by a syntax tree as byte code. At last, the JIT compilers kicks in the syntax tree and executes the code.

Default Password For Tomcat 6, 7, 8

In this tutorial, I am showing from where we can find or get the default password for the tomcat servlet container.

Note: Here we are covering all the versions from Tomcat 6 to 8.

Java Byte[] Array To String Conversion

In this tutorial, I am showing how to convert byte[] array to string using java.

Note: Here we are creating a new String new String(bytes, "UTF-8"); with utf-8 encoding, toString() method of String will not return the actual string but return the hash code of that string.