Tips to Hire Java Developers for Building High-Performance Java Applications

Despite having a bunch of java application development companies, it is still a complex task when it comes to hiring the best java developers. Java language was designed with a notion of object-oriented programming to improve on the mistakes of the other prevalent languages such as C or C++. Attached with the powerful Java Virtual Machine, the language itself is a great platform to build web applications. Usually, it is the Java developers who are transforming the project by tackling the challenges and giving new life to the business requirements and user expectations. So, when you want to build an application, there are few points which should be kept in mind before hiring the java programmer who contemplates your budget and timeline.

What are the Features Included in Java 11? Read This!

Java 10 is an endless world with infinite possibilities. The language is preferred by the leading developers all around the world. In fact, they admit that Java has still many regions left unexplored and many facets left unused. It has so much potential that the language can singlehandedly change the course of application development. Before we have even mastered the real skills, Java surprised the world again with its new version 11.

The world of developers will now have a new and more efficient platform to work with. Java 11 will come with the entire package. The users will have to pay for a premium version when this language will be used for commercial purposes. The new version will have revised licensing terms that will have to be complied with for commercial purposes. The support model of this new version of the language will also come with rapid updates for the betterment of the users. These updates will pop up twice a year with a six months interval.

You will not have to pay for Java 11 unless you are choosing to download Oracle JDK for production purposes.

How to Create A Perfect Java Developer Resume

Java development is a pretty busy market right now and many people are competing to get jobs in this industry. It will only get more competitive as the time goes by and more and more Java developers arrive. But what if you want a job?

Well, in such a competitive market, you should have a good resume to keep you on the top of all piles and help you get the job.

Here is how to write the best resume for Java Development. 

Why Is Everyone Talking About Cloud Native Java?

Cloud-native is an approach to develop applications that are exploiting the benefits of the cloud computing delivery model. Cloud-native basically deals with how the applications are created and not where they are built? While today open cloud impacts the reasoning about foundation speculation for basically every industry, a cloud-like conveyance show isn't selective to open conditions. It's suitable for both open and private veils of mist.

The most important ability of cloud-native is to nearly offer unlimited computing power on demand along with the modern data and application services for developers. The companies gain the most advantage from cloud-native as it brings new ideas to market faster and responds sooner to the demands of the customer.

Language of the Digital Age: 4 Good Reasons to Learn Java

In today’s world, business is run by programming language. As a result, those who have acquired skills in programming language are in a powerful position. Of the many languages available, Java has become one of the best known and most used, with online course providers selling out Java courses as soon as they advertise them.

So if you want to get ahead of the curve, even if you have not yet undertaken any programming, there’s no better time to start learning how to code in Java. Below you’ll find a few reasons to start now.

How to Accept User Keyboard Input in Java

Java is not designed for hardware coding. But programmers do occasionally need to handle hardware issues with Java. It’s not uncommon for modern systems to require some form of user input, usually in the form of typing. This brief guide will explain how to code a Java program to accept user input from a keyboard.

Which are the Important Python Frameworks for Developers in Future?

Python is arguably the simplest multi-purpose OOP language popularly used by software and web application developers across the world. It enables minimal coding development and seamless integration with other programming language and tools, making it a favorite for many developers.

Why is Vue.js So Popular for Building Powerful Native Apps?

While there are too many great JavaScript frameworks powering millions of websites and native apps, the most popular ones make regular rounds in the majority of discussions. After the phenomenal popularity of Angular, React, and a few others, the promising new kid among them, is the Vue.js. While the new technologies keep coming, some stand out simply because of their ease of use, scalability and a lot of elements that make the job of developers easier.

Vue.js for past several years gained tremendous popularity for building robust native apps perfect in user experience. Vue.js coupled up with React Native also gave birth to a native development script called Vue Native. Together they make the best solutions for building both cross-platform, web and native apps across the niches.