Wsimport clientjar Option

Wsimport clientjar Option explains about generating Java Code From A WSDL Document and packed into a jar, So that Client Can Invoke/Consume The Service

I am showing here, an example of generating java code from WSDL document using wsimport tool.

You can also use CXF Client , if you need more custom features like adding logging,interceptor etc.

Reference ->

For deploying the service, you can follow this tutorial CXF Web Service Tutorial. After the deployment you can access the url


Convert Jar To EXE, Executable File

Convert Jar To EXE, Executable File Tutorial describes about different tools, used for converting java jar file to windows executable file.

How to convert java program to java executable?
How to convert jar to exe?
Is it possible to create windows executable file from java application?

If you are searching for the above questions, where you need to distribute java application as exe file, then following tools will help you.