SoapUI Tutorial For Testing Web Service ( REST & SOAP)

SoapUI Tutorial For Testing Web Service ( REST & SOAP) explains about testing a web service (SOAP based & REST based) using soapUI testing tool

soapUI is a testing tool used for different types of tests, such as functional testing, regression testing, compliance testing, and load testing

soapUI is a cross platform tool, Here we are using soapUI for testing various webservices, By using soapUI you can test both REST and SOAP services

Required Libraries

Required Libraries

  1. soapUI

Testing SOAP Web Service With soapUI

For testing a SOAP based service (WSDL), Create soapUI Project and add WSDL path to it (see the screenshot & steps below)


Thinking that webservice is already up and is available on the port 8080 (My server is Tomcat, So Tomcat default port).
If not, please check this article CXF Web Service Tutorial

Firstly create a soapUI Project (File->New soapUI Project), then provide Project name and WSDL path

Create soapUI Project Add WSDL To soapUI


You can see on the following screen-shot, we are providing name as 'Rockey' and getting response as 'Hello Rockey'

Testing SOAP Web Service With SoapUI Output

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