Mock Web Service With soapUI

Mock Web Service With soapUI explains about how to create mock service using soapUI

Mock service is a dummy or approximate implementation of actual webservice, it helps you to simulate the service before actual webservice is developed

When & Why Mock Web Service Required?

If your webservice (WSDL) is done by some third parties and, you only got WSDL with some sample request/response. In this situation you can use mock service with soapUI, because our aim is to start the development without waiting for the other team to complete the service.

In this Mock web service with soapUI example we are using Groovy script for testing complex test cases

Required Libraries

You need to download

  1. soapUI 4.5.1

Select File->New soapUI Project, just provide a name and browse WSDL from file system

Create soapUI Project

Generate MockService as per below screenshot

Generate MockService with soapUI

You can change the port and name binding here

MockService with soapUI Options

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