Increasing Heap Size in Eclipse

Increasing Heap Size in Eclipse Example explains about how to set Heap Size in Eclipse and Avoiding OutOfMemoryError

There are 2 ways you can Increase Heap Size in  Eclipse

1) Change eclipse.ini (inside Eclipse folder)

-Xms setting the initial Java heap size
-Xmx setting the maximum Java heap size

you can change "-Xmx" setting to 1024m, It will increase the heap size of Eclipse

2) Insert Virtual Machine values into your JRE

When Eclipse is started, 

  • Open the Preferences ( For Mac: located under Eclipse menu item / For Windows: located under Window menu item )
  • Inside the Java part, click Installed JREs,
  • On the installed JRE being used (It may be jre5/6),
  • Click Edit button, and add the following changed argument into the Default VM Arguments:

-Xms312M -Xmx512M


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