Find Last Element Of A Stream

In this tutorial, here I am showing how to find the last element from a stream in java.

Note: we are using stream.reduce function for finding the last element of a stream in java. Stream.reduce method always returns Optional value, so you have to decide what to do when empty element is returned.

Merge Streams In Java

In this tutorial, I am showing how to merge multiple streams in java using different ways.

Note: Stream.concat(stream1,stream2) method is useful when you have 2 streams and if you have more than 2 streams, you can use Stream.of(stream1, stream2, stream3, stream4) method.

Java 8 findFirst() vs findAny()

In this tutorial, I am showing the differences between findFirst() and findAny() methods of java 8 stream api and where it can be used.

Note: As per the stream documentation “Streams may or may not have a defined encounter order. Whether or not a stream has an encounter order depends on the source and the intermediate operations. Certain stream sources (such as List or arrays) are intrinsically ordered, whereas others (such as HashSet) are not”.