Java GZIP Compression Filter Example

Java GZIP Compression Filter Example explains about implementing a GZIP compression filter for optimizing web application performance

How To Compress HTML Content Using Gzip Servlet Filter?

GZIP is compression algorithm used for compression text files such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc, Which will reduce the data (bandwidth) sent to browser

Here we are discussing about implementing Gzip Compression Filter using Java Servlet Filter, if you don't know about Servlet Filter, you can follow servlet filter Tutorial

By implementing GZIP compression, will dramatically improve web application performance and reduce download time.

For availing GZIP compression, your browser must support GZIP compression, you need to set Accept-Encoding request header


GZIP Using CXF explains about How to use GZIP compression with CXF framework

GZIP is a text-based encoding protocol which will compress the size of response dramatically

You can configure GZIP encoding with cxf framework according to the following configuration

You can also see the FastInfoset Using CXF, FastInfoset will result in a much better compression rate than gzip because FastInfoset optimize both size and performance, while gzip only deals with size

You can see the below example, which is demonstrating the usage of GZIP With CXF Framework